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HOW IT WORKS We understand that your life doesn’t slow down when certain abilities do. And if you’re one of millions of people with developmental disabilities, your life is just starting! We can help you live your very best life. Now, that can’t be done using a cookie cutter approach. At All-American Home Care, we give you the tools to call your own shots. Here’s how It works:

When you decide that you need care for yourself or for a loved one, give us a call. We’ll ask if you’re on Medicaid. If you’re not, but would like to be, we’ll help you with that. We then contact New York State. They’ll send someone out to assess your situation and determine the type and amount of care you need. If you wish, we’ll be standing by your side for that, making sure that you get what you need.

Once the assessment is done, it’s time to pick a managed care organization. We’ll lay out your choices for you and, if you’d like, assist you in making your selection.

Now it’s time for you to choose your home care aides. Do you have friends or family members who will take care of you? Great! We’ll pay them to do it. If not, or if you don’t have enough of them to provide all the care you need, we’ll help you fill the gaps. You can recruit your own people, choose from among our skillful and compassionate homecare providers, or both! You tell us what you want in a homecare aide. What do you like? What bothers you? We’ll send you a few who we think would be a good fit for you, and you interview them. Then you decide which, if any, of them you’d like to care for you. Your new freedom has arrived!

The services provided are extensive. By helping with chores like bathing, personal hygiene, laundry, cooking, cleaning, and light housework, we help you enjoy the life you deserve.
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