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CEO Marco Altieri Speaks Out on Elder Abuse

By Marco Altieri

For every case of elder abuse reported, there are 24 that go unreported.  

There’s a silent tragedy happening across New York State, and the numbers back it up in this study. Abuse can be physical, financial, sexual, or most commonly, psychological. According to the National Council on Aging one out of 10 Americans over age 60 have experienced one of these types of abuse.

Completely unacceptable. 

That’s why I’m very encouraged to see a recent bill signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo that strengthens protections against elder abuse.  The new law directs the New York State Office for Aging to develop guidelines to assist healthcare providers and others working in healthcare settings to identify suspected self-neglect, abuse and maltreatment of older adults, according to sponsors of the billAssemblywoman Donna Lupardo, D-Endwell, Broome County and Senator Sue Serino, R-Hyde Park, Dutchess County.  

Guidelines crafted by the state may include identifying common signs and symptoms of abuse, new screening tools and questions that can be used during visits for detection, training materials for distribution to health care providers and others in healthcare settings, information regarding options for reporting suspected cases of self-neglect or abuse and maltreatment, and available resources for older adult victims.  

Education is often the answer. It’s one of the ways we can fight abuse and shift the culture. 

All-American Home Care will do our part to teach our employees, consumers, and loved ones of consumers to ensure there is zero abuse, and if identified, will be reported immediately. The only way to stamp out elder abuse is to be part of the solution, and we’ll do everything in our power to make change.       

You can report elder abuse in New York State to the Bureau of Adult Services of the New York State Office of Children & Family Services Adult Services Help Line at 844-697-3505. All calls are confidential. If you’re reading this and need help, please report it. No one deserves abuse.     

We also invite you to reach out to us at (585) 454-1776.     

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